Why have one studio when you can have three ?!

At myGym, each of our three Studio’s have been equipped to provide everything you need for your particular preference of training.


Studio 1:

Our largest studio, so it’s ideal for some of our more ‘energetic’ classes such as Zumba, Boxercise and Xtrain PT.

Home of the Monster X-Rig … monkey bars, wall ball targets, pull-up stations, squat racks, parallel bars and much more.

Boxing ring … used during Fight Camp classes.

Pole Dancing Poles … used during Pole Fitness classes.

Boxing bags … used during Fight Camp classes, but also free to use outside class times.

Loads of Functional kit including Power Bags, Fit Balls, Reebok Steps, Fitbars and Wall balls.

Even more free-weight kit, including 200K of Olympic Plates, Bars, dumbbells and competition bells.


Studio 2:

Our functional studio, so it’s ideal for circuit-based classes and freestyle functional and body-weight training sessions.

A large selection of kettlebells for an almost infinite supply of high-calorie-burn workouts.

An ideal studio for running our Kettlebell, Booty Worx and Body Worx classes.

A complete rack of barbells, should you prefer to train away from the gym floor.

A Reaction Trainer … 9 super-heavy-duty pads for kicking and punching … get the new high score before the timer hits zero !

A Hi-Low pulley purchased specifically for training arms, however works great for a whole range of muscle groups too.

More kit including Hyper-Extension bench, Abs bench, Versi-Climber and Torso Twist turntable.

Even more boxing bags … we firmly believe you can’t have too many boxing bags.

A large matted area for floor work, abs and stretching away from the gym floor.


Studio 3:

Last but not least is our ground floor studio.

12 bikes, built for speed and a punishing Spin class

Our classic Spin class runs for 30 minutes and if you’ve done it right, you won’t need any longer !

Spin & Abs is a virtual class combining a 30 minute virtual Spin session with a 25 minute virtual Core Blast session.

H.I.T.T. Spin is our newest edition to the timetable and makes an already intense class, just that little bit harder !