This is our functional studio, so it’s ideal for circuit-based classes and freestyle functional and body-weight training sessions.

A large selection of kettlebells for an almost infinite supply of high-calorie-burn workouts.


An ideal studio for running our Spin & Kettlebells, Legs & Butt T.N.T., Boxercise and Pilates .


A complete rack of barbells, should you prefer to train away from the gym floor.

A Reaction Trainer … 9 super-heavy-duty pads for kicking and punching … get the new high score before the timer hits zero !

A Hi-Low pulley purchased specifically for training arms, however works great for a whole range of muscle groups too.


More kit including Hyper-Extension bench, Abs bench, Versi-Climber and Torso Twist turntable.

Even more boxing bags … we firmly believe you can’t have too many boxing bags.

A large matted area for floor work, abs and stretching away from the gym floor.