For some, Personal Training is a luxury; for others, it’s a necessity.
For the rest of us, there will always be certain times in your life, when Personal Training is the perfect solution.

Here are just few of the reasons how our PT Services can help … 

  • Getting fit to participate in an event, e.g. a Marathon

  • Increase fitness to pass a test, e.g. Army or Fire Service PT assessment 

  • Lose weight for a special date, e.g. going on holiday or getting married 

  • Getting ready to compete, e.g. in a body building or fight oriented competition

  • Recovering after an accident, operation or illness

  • Improving the quality of life whilst living within an ongoing illness

  • Enhancing technical knowledge, whilst being fully motivated

  • Knowing what to do, but lacking the motivation to do it !


So, whatever the reason for improving your fitness levels, a myGym Personal Trainer can help you.
You sessions will be more focused, more intense, maintain a constant accelerated progression and, most importantly, be totally results oriented.

Personal Training is about increasing your fitness, changing your body composition, whilst boosting your health, energy levels and confidence.

Strength training or lifting weights, is one of the most effective ways to get fit, helping build muscle mass, reduce body fat, whilst increasing strength and stamina.

Body conditioning uses Cardio and fat-loss disciples to help kick-start your metabolism and change your body’s composition (a ratio of muscle, fat and water).

Never let size, shape, age or current fitness levels put you off. It’s never too late to start and we all had to start somewhere.

Develop speed, agility, flexibility, strength, power, stamina and self defence …

Boxing and Kick Boxing are one of the most effective forms of cross-training available.

It can even help reduce stress levels as well as providing a big boost to your self-confidence.

It combines aerobic and anaerobic workouts, enhancing your senses, coordination, balance and timing.

Sports specific personal training obviously depends on the sport you are training for. We have experience training Body Builders, Football, Rugby & Tennis players, Cricketers, Swimmers, Fighters … and many more!

We know that without a clear nutrition plan, you could be failing to maximise on the rewards of all that effort in the gym.

Whilst every nutrition plan is bespoke, it will typically comprise of one or more of the following:
1) A list of food groups for you to favour
2) A list of food groups to try and stay clear of !
3) A schedule of meal examples (or diet plan if preferred)
4) A food diary – a simple way of tracking your food intake for later review with your Personal Trainer

It’s not complicated, however you may need to prepare yourself to relearn some of the things you think about food, particularly Carbohydrate and Fat.

It all starts with a completely free, no obligation, ‘Lifestyle Appraisal’.
The only requirements is that you are a myGym member and have 30 minutes of time to spare.


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