A big thanks to our members …


We haven’t actively advertised our business, products or services since March 2012, meaning that almost all our new and repeat business comes from word of mouth. 

Social media is obviously great for getting the word out about a new class or course that’s about to start, but without having members both past and present to back up our messages and endorse our services, we wouldn’t have had anywhere near the success we’ve enjoyed over the last five years!

We’d love to think of every member as a myGym ambassador and it’s the main reason why we’ve enjoyed so much success since 2011.

So, on that basis, we would like to extend a huge thank you for liking, sharing, talking, even shouting about our business throughout Salisbury and the surrounding area over the last five years. 

It makes us very proud to work for a business that is so well liked and respected, not to mention chosen as the gym of choice time and again despite constant competition from the ‘glossy’, highly publicised, well-funded, corporate gym chains who also operate in the local area.