“70K dumbbells wow ! … now finally I have something to curl with haha”
Jack C.

“Loving the atmosphere … no stereotypes here … makes me feel so at ease !”
Katie B.

“Really like the music and visuals … lots of energy in the gym whatever time of day I go”
Tom L.

“12 month contracts just don’t work for me …
myGym’s Pay-As-You-Go options make them my first choice whenever I return to Salisbury”
Harry S.

“Hate corporate gym chains …
love myGym chains … silver, heavy and look cool around my neck when doing tricep dips LOL!”
Don T. 

“Cardio machines are good fun, but the Resistance machines have added a new dimension to my workout”
Georgia T.

“Classes are varied and so much fun. My Cardio fitness has improved loads over the last two months … thanks !”
Alison G.

“I struggled to overcome some long-standing personal bests until now … thanks for all your advice and motivation”
Tony J.

“Not a clue on day one. Attended their induction. Followed their instructions. Three months later and I feel fantastic”
Josie F.

“If myGym wasn’t here, I wouldn’t go to the gym full stop. Atmosphere, equipment, classes and staff are the best I’ve seen.”
Dave T.

“I’ve never written a review before today, but myGym deserves the time to do it. Thanks for making it so easy to train hard”
Suzie D.

“Best gym I’ve been to … the free weights area is tops … I prefer the lighter weights to the heavy ones though …lol !”
Mike D.

“Great advice that’s really helped bring my training programme along … no question too stupid, even mine !”
Frank T.

“Heavy weight training, crossfit or just fitness in general, myGym has it all, with new kit every single year”
Jeff G.

“A really great gym. Having recently joined the staff have been really friendly and helpful”
Sonia K.

“So worried about my first visit … made to feel welcome and at home instantly”
Shirley M.

“A kid in a sweet shop … so much kit … never quite sure where to start !”
John B.

“Totally beasted this week … Nothing left … Brilliant PT”
David L.