We have a large range of cardio-based equipment here at myGym.

Generally, when we refer to kit as a ‘cardio machine’ we mean it is a piece of equipment designed to elevate your heart hate above 130 beat per minute (bpm).

This will take all but the fittest of Olympic athletes into what we would refer to as the ‘cardio zone’.

When your body enters the cardio zone, your heart rate increases, body temperature rises and breathing becomes rapid.

You start to burn calories at an accelerated rate and, generally speaking, will get tired after a few short minutes.

This kind of workout is great for short, intense, bursts of speed and allows you to add variety to your workout by training on multiple machines during a single visit.

We have lots of cardio-based machines to choose from, but here are our top five most popular machines …

1) 4x Treadmills (running machines)

2) 3x Cross-Trainers (with or without upper body ski-poles)

3) 3x Cycles (both upright and recumbent)

4) 4x Concept II Rowers (3 on the gym floor and 1 in Studio 1)

5) 2x Steppers


We also have some other, less obvious, cardio-based machines that can also help to provide a really intense cardio workout …

6) Versi Climber (based in Studio 2)

7) The Reaction Trainer (a really fun sound and light based kicking and punching machine with digital scoreboard)

8) The Stairmaster (also a great machine for an extended ‘fat-burning’ workout)


Whilst all of these machines come under our ‘cardio’ banner, they can all be used equally successfully for a ‘fat-burning’ workout.

In such a workout, unlike a cardio-based workout, you are trying to keep your heart-rate below 130bps.

That means you can work for longer, typically 30mins or more and shouldn’t get too out of breath in the process.

Because you are not calling upon the bodies fast energy supplies (due to being in a lower state of exertion) the body can derive energy from your longer term fuel stores and that means burning body fat.

By extending your workout to 30mins or more, whilst keeping your heart rate below 130bps (varies from person to person) you can target your body’s fat stores as the primary source of fuel to keep you going.

Fat-burn workouts can sometimes be a little slow and repetitive, so you can always bring a large screen mobile device with you and catch up on the latest episode of Masterchef … after all, we do have free wifi for all members 🙂